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Get Scuba Certified in Two Weekends

What is included in the course tuition?

Almost everything! Your course fees cover the following:

  • SSI Student Kit and Training Video
  • SSI “Open Water Diver” Textbook
  • SSI Dive Tables
  • Confined Water Dives
  • Open Water Ocean/Check-Out Dives: Two-Days at Casino Point, Catalina Island
  • Ferry Transfer aboard “Catalina Express” from Long Beach to Avalon, Catalina
  • Taxi Transfers and Air Fills at Casino Point
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) Student Insurance for Duration of Course
  • SCUBA Equipment (BC/Vest, Regulator, Tank, Weight Belt, Wetsuit and Hood)
  • 10% Discount on all SCUBAHAUS merchandise

What isn’t included?

  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Fins and Booties
  • Gloves
  • Gear bag

You need to purchase these items if you don’t already own them. Receive a 10% discount on gear at SCUBAHAUS when enrolled in our classes.

Are there any other hidden costs?

Some students choose to stay overnight on the island. Overnight accommodations are not included in tuition.

Do you offer Referral Courses?

Yes we do. Referral courses are the first weekend of the class, without the Catalina trip.

How about Refresher Classes?

Yes we do. Most people like to get in the pool and refamiliarize themselves with their gear. Refresher classes are the first weekend only, will all lectures and pool training included.


Students must successfully pass a swim test at the pool consisting of

  • 50 foot underwater swim
  • 220 yard swim
  • 10 minutes treading water

You should also be able to transport your own SCUBA gear.


Academic proficiency will be evaluated with a multiple choice exam at the end of the class. Students must score a minimum of 75% to successfully complete the academic portion of the course.

Certification is not guaranteed. Students must successfully pass each of the class exams and demonstrate proficiency in each SCUBA diving skill to obtain a SSI certification.

OK, So What Does it All Cost?

Basic Open Water Certification $499-549

Referral Course $340

Refresher Course $200

All prices are subject to change without notice.

What should I bring to the pool session?

In addition to your SCUBA equipment, students should bring

  • a towel
  • sunscreen
  • bottle of water
  • swimsuit

Getting the Ball Rolling

Prior to you first classroom session, you must sign up at Scubahaus and complete your preliminary training. This can be done online, or by picking up your SSI Student Kit from the shop.

You must also complete the SSI Statement of Understanding and Responsibilities, Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, and Medical History Form. Any medical conditions that can affect your safety will require a medical release from your physician.

More Questions? Give us a call at 310-828-2916