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Regulator Repair

All regulator and repair work is performed by Glynn Palmer of Malibu Scuba Repair.

Glynn picks up and drops off each Thursday at Scubahaus.

Brands Serviced:



REGULATOR SERVICE (parts not included unless covered by warranty)
1st Stage Only $40.00
2nd Stage Only $40.00
Octopus Only $40.00
1st & 2nd Stage $70.00
1st, 2nd, & Octopus $105.00
Alternate Inflator Regulator $35.00
O2 Cleaning 1st Stage $20.00
Spare Air $40.00
ADDITIONAL SERVICES (parts not included)
BCD Inflator $20.00
SPG Service Only $15.00
Computer Battery Change $25.00
Quick-Disconnect Service $10.00

If you have a Quick-Disconnect for your computer, please SEND your computer.

TANK VALVE SERVICES (parts not included)
DIN Valve $20.00
K Valve $20.00
J Valve $25.00
Twin Manifold $35.00
Valve O2 Cleaning $20.00

Rush Service available at additional cost.
Please do not include any accessories with service items.